You’re Invited: Take the ProfitOptics AI Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to maximize profits and reduce costs? Take the ProfitOptics AI Readiness Assessment to give us a view into your business’s organization’s data and technical acumen and priorities, and we’ll assess your AI readiness to help chart a path to success.

AI & machine learning will transform every aspect of the work we do today. Is your business prepared?

Based on your company’s needs and current state, you may be a candidate for a 60-minute roadmap development session with our data experts. In this complimentary session, we’ll work with you to:

Assess your current landscape

We’ll start by assessing your current organizational, technical and data landscape. What systems and processes are you currently using? What’s working, and what could be improved? We’re here to listen and learn first and foremost.

Discuss goals and outcomes

What are your company’s overall goals and outcomes? Whether it’s improving your bottom line or just determining how to best put AI and machine learning into practice, our experts will help you uncover the areas of greatest need.

Develop an AI Roadmap

With the learnings we take from this session, our data experts will craft a custom roadmap tailored to your specific needs and prioritized to maximize your key business outcomes. We will help you expedite the journey while delivering actionable insights you can put into practice right away.

ProfitOptics offers a range of services to enhance your organization’s data and AI readiness. 

  • Identify, prioritize and resolve immediate data analytics and engineering needs
  • Define a scalable, no-nonsense roadmap to mature your journey to a data-driven organization.
  • Execute project-based solutions such as re-platforming data, building data products, establishing analytic data storage, quality, governance and advanced analytics.
  • Serve as a strategic partner, and/or interim CDO office services.
  • Support the development of business cases for investment in your data initiatives.

We believe that for big AI and data wins, you can start small.


Complete the AI Assessment today to receive your company’s customized data action plan

It’s time to boost your profits and be proactive about the automation revolution in the data space. Complete your AI Assessment today to unlock new opportunities and propel your business forward.